Planning footings for sculpture: Bolt

Marking out footing sites 

Commencment of site excavations 

Footings ready for concrete pour 

Plan for pipe cutting 

Pipe sections cut ready for : construction

Completed sculpture assembled at : workshop

Sculpture ready for primer paint : coat

Filling and sanding back sculpture 

Filling and sanding back sculpture 

transport to site
Painted sculpture ready for : transport to site

Sculpture arrives at site 

for installation
Lifting from truck in preparation: for installation

Lifting sculpture into position 

Positioning sculpture onto footings 

Welding in place onto footings  

the sculpture together
Joining the two main elements of : the sculpture together

joined and welded sections
Grinding back and finishing the : joined and welded sections

Fitting the sections to the: building

Grinding and finishing sections on : building

Applying finishing paint coats 

Applying finishing paint coats 

Completed sculpture in position