by Nic Hamilton
Digital Image of proposed sculpture: by Nic Hamilton

sculpture construction
Butt welded fittings used in: sculpture construction

preparation for construction
Placing of initial units in: preparation for construction

Construction of Earthdrill underway 

Grinding back welding on Earthdrill 

Laying out final elements prior to : welding

Close-up showing construction: process

Earthdrill with welding : completed

Bottom of Earthdrill cut to angle  

completed elements of sculpture
General view of workshop showing : completed elements of sculpture

Earthdrill after sandblasting 

prior to painting
Repairing and filling welded areas : prior to painting

Welded areas filled with body : filler

before painting with primer
Close-up of sculpture element : before painting with primer

Sanding back primer before: undercoating

Earthdrill in the paintshop after : undercoating

red epoxy topcoat
Smaller element of Earthdrill with : red epoxy topcoat

Sculpture arrives at installation: site

Unloading Earthdrill at site 

Lowering sculpture onto base 

Completed sculpture in situ